Jesus in Lagos

End time

Jesus was seen in Lagos yesterday.
According to report and eyewitnesses the said Jesus was taking pictures with people in the street of Apapa Lagos.

This news is yet to be verified as people are busy making efforts for it verification.
Lagosians indeed are blessed. Apapa has become a holy ground for pilgrimage as people now flood in to behold the site.

Indeed it happened to fulfill the scripture which states that "God has visited his people".

Scroll down to see the picture.



YS(Youth Syndrome)
Youth Syndrome is a chronic lust for sexual activities in Youths of these days.
In USA, Youths sees sexual intercourse as fun. This mindset is wrong because it has given birth to dangers such as unprotected sexual encounters.
In Nigeria likewise, Sexual intercourse has become a daily bread. Every girl/boy of about 14yrs above are now indulging in sexual activities. It is unhealthy when had unprotected.
Many Youths don't even know what protected sexual intercourse is all about. Therefore deadly disease that follows unprotected sexual activities with an infected persons are now ravaging lives of some individuals.
HIV/AIDS victims are now increasing in numbers.
Syphilis, Gonorrhea and other sexually transmittable disease are on the increase.
Aafriboy is urging the Youths globally to reduce their indulgence in sexual activities.
In our world today, Youth Syndrome has given birth to Unwanted pregnancies, Rape, Molestations, illegal sexual advances and so on.
**Stop t…


Xenophobia: A disease in Africans bloodline.

[GHANA MUST GO saga in 1985].

Ghana Must Go: A Historical Reminder of How
Nigerians Treat Fellow Africans
Our compatriots in South Africa are today indirect
victims of the sins of their fathers. No sin goes
unpunished! On April 15, 1985 the Hon. Minister for
Internal Affairs, General later Senator Mamman
Magoro announced that the almost 700,000 African
immigrants in Nigeria must leave by 6pm on May
10, 1985. Most were from Ghana with others from
as far as Gambia to Central African Republic. These
fellow Africans had come here for work and
economic opportunity. They were not allowed to
leave with more than N22 then the equivalent of US
$30 irrespective of their life savings, number of
properties and quantum of investment. They were
officially robbed! Trust us as many Nigerians took
undue advantage of the chaos to unleash all manner
of mayhem on them. It was a sad period for African
solidarity. Fast forward to present day when these



(A poem by Aafriboy)

As innocent as I am
Yet sinful than Satan itself.
I have been called names
Yet all fits with me.

I was not happy with the names I was called
but I have learnt to ignore.
Tolerance an attribute i never had
Is now mine to give out.
You are Gay, Homo, Woman-wrapper, Idiot
they said, I cried all this names only me!!!.
Hypocrites in saint's attire.
Kettle calling pot black.

My crime was my feminine nature and
effeminate gestures when I speak.
I was judged for everything and anything that
has to do with me.
Who am I to blame, God who made me or
People whose judgment hurts me.
I have learnt to live with it.
I don't care life is now what I live.

My innocent heart can no longer weep for
people to smile.
I will smile for them to weep
I never made myself, therefore I won't cry
If people don't like me for what I am, God
And if God doesn't then I have no choice
other than to love myself.
After all no one have the right to ma…

The Sun RiSe


A poem by Aafriboy (Stephen Ekemezie).

Smiles all around
Hopes everywhere
To those anywhere
She is pretty and sad
Whenever things are bad.

Brighteth the realms
Where beauty beams 
Though not beans nor peas
Yet its beauty appeals.

You protects life like bees
As they safeguards their comb
Human rights you protects
With love you velvet.

Yet you weren't let be
For fear of big deal
Your powers so feared
Yet you haven't shown your bears.

Written and published by Aafriboy.